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Easily connect to a smartphone to share images

The OM-D E-M10 Mark II has built-in Wi-Fi for easy connection to a smartphone. With this feature you can quickly share images stored on the camera. You can also control the camera, add location information acquired on the smartphone to images, and apply Art Filters to recorded images.

  • Uses the Olympus Image Share smartphone app.
  • Easy QR code connections
  • Easy image sharing
  • Add location information to photos
  • Add Art Filters to photos
  • Remote shooting. Live Composite also supported

The built-in flash lets you capture beautiful shots even in dark places

A built-in flash is included on the E-M10 Mark II’s compact body. Capture both the subjects in the foreground and the beautiful nightscape background - something not possible with a smartphone.

iAUTO makes high-quality photos possible simply by pressing the shutter button

With iAUTO there is no need to bother with difficult settings — the camera automatically selects the optimal scene mode for capturing beautiful photos.

  • Shot with a standard mode
  • Shot with iAUTO

Silent Mode lets you capture photos without making a sound

Silent mode not only mutes the shutter sound, but the AF sound as well. This feature is useful for shooting in locations where noise is inappropriate.

  • Rolling distortion can occur when shooting fast-moving subjects.
  • Certain types of fluorescent light or LED light may cause striped patterns to appear on the image depending on the shutter speed used.
  • You can reduce the shock caused by the shutter opening and closing.
  • Sequential shooting is available at a maximum of 11 fps.
  • If you set long exposure noise reduction to Auto and use a shutter time of 4 seconds or more, the shutter sound will be played to capture a dark frame.
  • The flash will be turned off. (the AF Illuminator can be used)

4K Time Lapse movie

Time Lapse movie is now compatible with 4K, a resolution with four times the pixels of Full HD.

High-speed movie captures split-second movement for slow-motion playback

Capture movement of objects too fast for the human eye to track in interchangeable lens camera quality. These movies recorded can then be played back in fascinating slow motion.

Clips lets you combine short video clips into a single short movie

With Clips you can combine multiple video clips, add effects and add background music to create a short feature.

  • The E-M10 Mark II records movies at preset times (1, 2, 4, and 8 seconds). If you press the movie button while recording, the movie clip can be extended up to a maximum of 16 seconds.

Focus Bracketing continuously shoots while changing focal positions

Simply press the shutter button once to capture multiple photos at different focal positions. Even in macro shooting you can capture photos with the focus just where you want it.

  • Available when using an M.Zuiko Digital lens.

Flip-up monitor lets you shoot at the angle you like

You can flip the monitor in a range between 85 degrees upward and 45 degrees downward for shooting at low and high angles.

S-OVF (Simulated Optical Viewfinder) is convenient when shooting in backlit locations

S-OVF is a function that expands the dynamic range in the electronic viewfinder. This function is convenient for viewing the subject in backlit conditions.

  • Available in P/A/S/M modes. Exposure compensation settings will not be shown.
  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Screen captures on the monitor are composite images.


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