Interchangeable Lenses & Accessories

Using interchangeable lenses and a variety of accessories is a great way to enjoy shooting with an interchangeable lens camera.

Change your lens and discover a new world of expression

Even in the same scene, using an interchangeable lens with a different angle of view lets you easily capture photos with a completely different expression. Why not change your lens and capture a whole different world?

  • Photo shot with a wide-angle lens
    Easily capture both the person and background in focus.
  • Photo shot with a telephoto lens
    Easily make the person stand out from the background.

Reliability only Olympus can provide

  • In-body image stabilisation makes blur-free images
    possible on any lens
  • Trusted Olympus lenses capture images beautifully
  • A compact size for excellent portability
  • Olympus interchangeable lens cameras are equipped with the SSWF (Supersonic Wave Filter) dust reduction system, which removes dust particles from the image sensor for a clean picture

ECG-3 Camera Grip

This is a dedicated grip for the E-M10 Mark II that enhances your hold on the camera. The grip can be easily removed with a single touch, making it easy to exchange the battery and memory card.

EP-16 Large Eyecup

This large eyecup blocks outside light, improving viewfinder image visibility.

CSS-S119L Water-repellent Genuine Leather Strap

This wide genuine leather strap is treated to be water-repellent, and provides a premium feel that only genuine leather can provide.

CS-44SF Soft Camera Case

This soft camera case features a 5-layered construction that reliably protects your gear even in challenging environments.

  • The CS-44SF Soft Camera Case can not accommodate the OM-D E-M10 Mark II with the ECG-3 Camera Grip attached. Please remove the ECG-3 prior to storing the E-M10 Mark II in the CS-44SF.
  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Screen captures in the monitor are composite images.


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