Unrivaled mobility and ultimate reliability

A compact, lightweight body that is splashproof, dustproof, and freezeproof provides unrivaled mobility and ultimate reliability, allowing you to shoot in the most severe environments.

Unrivaled mobility

Amazingly compact, lightweight body and system

An amazingly compact, lightweight body and system provide a different dimension in mobility. Even when a 600mm f/4 (35mm equivalent) super-telephoto lens is attached, the camera is portable and handheld shooting is comfortable.

Ultimate reliability

Dustproof, splashproof and freezeproof to -10°C

A body construction that is splashproof, dustproof, and freezeproof to -10°C makes photography possible in the most brutal environments. Sealing throughout the entire body keeps out sand, dust, rain, and other droplets. The OM-D’s weatherproof performance has been highly regarded by professional photographers worldwide.

Shutter that can be released 200,000 times

This model is equipped with a shutter that clears durability tests of 200,000 operations. A floating shutter mechanism is employed so that shutter shock is not easily transmitted to the camera body.

  • According to Olympus testing conditions

Dual card slots requested by professional photographers

Due to popular demand by professional photographers, dual card slots have been included on this model. A side-by-side layout has been employed for easy removal of the desired card. Select one of four recording settings.In firmware version 3.0, various settings can be changed and image playback is available while writing data to the SD card.

  • Standard: Records to specified card
  • Auto Switching: Continues recording on the other card when the specified card is full
  • Dual Independent: Records to both cards at specified image quality settings
  • Dual Same: Records to both cards in the same image quality mode
  • Slot 1: UHS-II/ UHS-I compatible
  • Slot 2: UHS-I compatible

New lithium ion rechargeable battery and rapid battery charger

The capacity of BLH-1 Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery has been increased by approximately 37% (compared to BLN-1), and the new BCH-1 Rapid Lithium Ion Battery Charger shortens charging time by approximately 50% (compared to BCN-1). Approximately 440 shots can be taken (CIPA testing standards). A percentage display (%) is now available so you can easily check remaining battery charge. You can also check battery status, number of shots, and the battery serial number.

Excellent grip

The new grip shape provides a sure grip on the camera.

(1) Larger thumb grip surface for easier thumb rest (2) Deeper indentation on the front grip for middle finger rest (3) High grip for pinky finger rest
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  • Screen captures in the monitor are composite images.

Other new functions

(Added feature in firmware version 3.0)

Quick image selection:

Add images to the Share Order or for deletion by turning the dial to select images then pressing and holding the movie button.



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