OM-D Movie

The reliable in-body 5-axis image stabilization system enables stable movie recording in beautiful 4K even during active camera work. The compact, lightweight OM-D does not intimidate subjects, letting you capture the most natural expressions. OM-D Movie achieves cinema-quality recordings with amazing maneuverability.

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Hand-held 4K video recording

Combining the powerful 5-axis image stabilisation system with electronic stabilisation for video makes it possible to shoot high-quality 4K movies handheld without cinematic equipment such as tripods, a mini jib, crane, etc.

  • The angle of view is narrowed when using electronic stabilisation for movies (M-IS1).
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Compatible with 4K, the digitial cinema standard

The E-M1 Mark II supports digital cinema standards like 4K (4096 x 2160), a 24P frame rate, and a 237 Mbps bit rate, for authentic video production.

HDMI Monitor connection

The HDMI Monitor connection is now more advanced due to requests from professional photographers. A 4:2:2 output is now supported for expanded colour correction range.

  • When recording simultaneously on the camera, 4:2:0 is upsampled to 4:2:2.
  • Some functions may not be available depending on the monitor.

Two HDMI output modes

You can select from Monitor mode for an external monitor, and Recording mode for an external recorder.

HDMI output (actual size) + camera monitor (magnified) display

During standby when shooting a movie, you can magnify the camera monitor on its own for more accurate focusing.

Sync signal for HDMI output recording

An external recorder can be synced with starting and stopping movie recording on the camera.

Recording size Frame rate Bit rate
4K 30P, 25P, 24P 102 Mbps
Cinema 4K (C4K) 24P 237 Mbps
FHD 60P, 50P, 30P, 25P, 24P ALL-Intra (202 Mbps), SuperFine (52 Mbps), Fine (30 Mbps), Normal (18 Mbps)
HD 60P, 50P, 30P, 25P, 24P ALL-Intra (102 Mbps), SuperFine (26 Mbps), Fine (10 Mbps), Normal (10 Mbps)
  • Frame rate for ALL-Intra (202 Mbps) is 30P, 25P, and 24P only.

Variety of video features

  • Super Control Panel: In movie mode, you can use the Live Super Control Panel to change image quality settings and the image stabilisation mode (M-IS).
  • 4K single frame extraction: This function lets you extract a single frame from a recorded 4K movie to use as a still image.
  • Movie editing: This feature lets you cut frames at the beginning and end of movies.
  • Clips: Shoot short video clips of a fixed length and combine them together to create a short movie.
  • Flat mode: In this picture mode developed only for video, contrast is lowered to prevent highlight blowout and loss of shadow detail for colour grading and adding rich gradations in post-production editing. Beginning February 28, 2018, an LUT file is supplied for colour grading when converting files recorded in Flat mode to BT.709 using Blackmagic DaVinciResolve.
  • Focus peaking: Focus peaking is possible during video recording. Peaking colour can be selected from white, black, red, and yellow, and intensity can be selected from low, standard, and high.
  • Slow/quick motion video: Shoot slow motion or quick motion movies.
  • Art Filter Movie: All Art Filter options are available for video as well.
  • Art Fade: Fade from one Art Filter to another in a single piece of footage.
  • Old Film Effect: Make your videos appear like old movies.
  • One Shot and Multi Echo: This function expresses motion with afterimages.
  • Start/stop control: Use a release cable or your smartphone with OI.Share app installed to start and stop video recording remotely.
  • Movie Tele-converter (approx. 3x): This function lets you take zoomed-in shots of the area you touch on the monitor during shooting while maintaining high image quality.
  • Time code setting: You can select from Rec Run, Free Run, Drop Frame/Non Drop Frame. The time code start time can be synced with the actual time or set manually.
  • Continuous movie recording over 4 GB: When recording movies that exceed 4 GB, the camera automatically splits and saves the movie file. When playing back the movie on the camera, split files are played as one file.
  • Flicker Scan: Fine-tune the shutter speed to reduce flicker effects. It is now possible to check the monitor while selecting a shutter speed that does not cause flickering effects.

(Features added in firmware version 3.0)

  • Improved AF performance:nformation from On-chip Phase Detection is actively utilised for improved AF performance when recording video.
  • OM-Log: Log shooting is now supported. An LUT (Look Up Table) file is also available for grading tasks using Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve.
  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Screen captures in the monitor are composite images.


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