High-speed Performance for Capturing Split-second Movement

Never miss that split-second photo opportunity with ultra-high-speed sequential shooting that supersedes SLRs. The dual UHS-II card slots can accommodate a high-speed card in both slots to ensure high performance and usability during sequential shooting.

AF/AE tracking 18 fps high-speed sequential shooting

Whilst capturing at full 20.37 million effective pixels, the E-M1X is capable of maximum 18 fps[*] AF/AE tracking high-speed sequential shooting. Live View display is supported during sequential shooting for precise tracking of even fast-moving subjects. Inclusion of two TruePic VIII image processors improves processing speed and significantly reduces buffer clearing time for simultaneously recording two images, delivering highly responsive sequential shooting performance.

  • When using a Toshiba SDXU-D032G. Silent Sequential L C-AF, shutter speed of 1/1000 sec, widest aperture setting, Face Priority OFF. Shooting speed drops when using ISO 8000 or above.

Maximum 60 fps AF/AE lock sequential shooting

Maximum 60 fps[*] AF/AE lock high-speed sequential shooting is available while capturing images at the full resolution of 20.37 million effective pixels. With sequential shooting performance that goes beyond SLRs, it is possible to capture split-second moments that the human eye cannot see in high definition.

  • When using a Toshiba SDXU-D032G. Silent Sequential H S-AF or MF, shutter speed of 1/250. Shooting speed drops when using ISO 8000 or above.

Silent Mode

This mode allows you to turn off the mechanical shutter and all electronic sounds for silent shooting. Perfect for shooting in areas where shutter sounds are inappropriate, such as concert halls, etc.

Pro Capture mode

Recording begins on the first release, capturing up to 35 frames retroactively from the second release. Pro Capture makes it possible to record once-in-a-lifetime shots that you might otherwise miss due to the time lag between people's reactions and camera operating time lag. Capture in both RAW and Jpeg with no frame blackout.

  • Shooting speed drops when using ISO 8000 or above.
  • The shutter speed is limited to the high end and the flash is disabled when using [Pro Capture Sequential Shooting].
  • Pro Capture L is only available when using an Olympus brand Micro Four Thirds lens.
  • ProCap L Sequential limits the aperture from the widest setting to F8.
  • Normal shooting
    1. Half-press / 2. full-press
  • Pro Capture
    1. Half-press / 2. full-press

Anti-flicker shooting mode

The Anti-flicker shooting mode reduces the effect of flickering that tends to occur under artificial lighting. The camera can detect the frequency of artificial lighting and activates the shutter at peak brightness to smooth out uneven exposure and colour between frames. This feature is particularly useful for shooting indoors.

  • Flicker can only be detected if the light source flicker frequency is 100 Hz or 120 Hz. The continuous shooting speed drops while using this feature.

UHS-II compatible dual card slots

1. UHS-II compatible dual card slots

Inclusion of two TruePic VIII image processors allows the camera to feature dual card slots that can accommodate UHS-II cards for high-speed data transfer. Additionally, camera settings can be changed, and image playback display is also available while images are being written to the cards.

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  • Screen captures on the monitor are composite images.


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