Dustproof and Splashproof Compact Body & Lens System

Compact and sophisticated dustproof and splashproof body

To match the high-class black body, and a bright, brilliant silver body, machined metal dials are placed on the camera for a sophisticated touch. The shape of the camera provides uncompromising functionality down to the smallest details for intuitive controls. The delta shape is enhanced, the viewfinder has a more masculine feel, and by lowering the centre of gravity in the body, it sits with a more solid stance.

Dustproof, splashproof, and freezeproof body expands your photographic boundaries

Sealing on the body and lens

In addition to the absolute reliability of the dustproof and splashproof performance lauded by many professional photographers, freezeproof performance down to -10℃ has been added. This construction makes it possible to shoot in the most punishing environments.

Excellent controls and functionality

The camera body is kept slim while achieving a comfortable grip, the levers and buttons can easily be operated while looking through the viewfinder, and six customisable Fn buttons are included. This design makes for excellent controls and functionality.

  • Comfortable grip while maintaining a slim body
  • Levers and buttons are placed in a layout that is easy to operate while looking through the viewfinder
  • Equipped with a vari-angle LCD while maintaining the same slim form as the original E-M5
  • A solid grip, easy to press buttons, and large easy to rotate dials

Vari-angle monitor for complete freedom

The vari-angle monitor is included on a compact, lightweight body equal to the E-M5, letting you freely compose shots in any position, from low angles to high angles. This model is equipped with Self Portrait mode so that when the monitor is set to the Selfie position, the Live View display shows a mirror image.

FL-LM3 standard flash allows bounce photography

A dustproof and splashproof flash is included with the camera for bounce photography (movable 90° upward, 180° horizontally) with GN 9.1 (ISO100/m). This flash supports wireless flash control, making wireless multi-unit flash photography possible with multiple external flashes.

  • Can be used as a commander.
  • For use with E-M5 Mark II.

Compact dustproof and splashproof lens system

From high-performance zoom lenses to macro lenses optimised for nature macro photography, a rich lineup of compact dustproof and splashproof lenses is available for shooting in any environment.

  • Camera is dustproof/splashproof only when lens is attached. Lenses and accessories are dustproof/splashproof only when attached to camera. EE-1 Dot Sight is splashproof only.

M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12-50mm F3.5-6.3 EZ

Switchable to electronic zoom, compatible with movie shooting


Fast, standard zoom lens

M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 14-150mm F4.0-5.6 II

High-powered zoom lens with both high-performance and a compact form

M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 60mm F2.8 Macro

Perfect for nature macro photography


Fast telephoto zoom lens

Versatile system accessories

HLD-8 Power Battery Holder enhances camera grip and power supply

E-M5 Mark II + HLD-8 (HLD-8G+HLD-6P)

The HLD-8 is a dustproof and splashproof power battery holder designed exclusively for the E-M5 Mark II. The HLD-8 can be separated into the HLD-8G Camera Grip and HLD-6P Battery Holder, allowing the HLD-8G to be used on its own. The HLD-8G is equipped with a headphone jack, so you can listen to the audio being recorded while shooting a movie. When two batteries, in the camera and the HLD-8, are used together, approximately 580 shots (according to CIPA testing standards) can be captured. The HLD-6P is the same battery compartment unit as that of the HLD-6 Power Battery Holder used with the E-M5.

  • HLD-8G Camera Grip
  • HLD-6P Battery Holder

EE-1 Dot Sight perfect for super telephoto shots of wild birds

This externally-mounted dot sight is perfect for super-telephoto photography of wild birds. This accessory assists in framing when photographing far-away subjects. The brightness and position of the reticle can be adjusted. Because it is powered by a coin-type battery, it can be used with any camera when attached to the hot shoe.

ECG-2 Metal External Camera Grip improves camera grip

This metal external camera grip makes it easier to hold the camera securely. With the same build quality as the camera body, the two make a perfect match. The batteries can be replaced with the grip attached to the camera. It also features quick shoe compatible rail so that it can be directly mounted on a compatible camera platform.

EP-16 Large Eyecup

This is a large eyecup. This accessory blocks external light making the viewfinder easier to use. By using materials with elastic properties, the eyecup fits all eyes, regardless of whether the user is wearing glasses or not. Support from both the eye area and both arms improves stability for a posture that reduces camera shake.

CS-46FBC Leather Cover and Body Jacket

This is a leather cover and body jacket which allows quick shooting. With the front cover removed, it can be used as a body jacket. Even with the body jacket attached, the vari-angle monitor and a tripod can be used, connector covers can be opened and closed, and SD card can be taken out. Strong split leather is used for the outer layer. It can also be used with the EP-16 large eyecup attached.

PT-EP13 Underwater Case for enjoying authentic underwater photography

The perfect fit for the E-M5 Mark II, this lightweight underwater case is fully waterproof to 45 meters. Using FL-LM3 which provided with E-M5 Mark II, authetic underwater photographycan be enjoyed with only E-M5 Mark II and PT-EP13.

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  • Screen captures on the monitor are composite images.


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