Large EVF with Stunning Resolution

The E-M5 Mark II features a super large electronic viewfinder (EVF) display with 1.48x viewfinder magnification (35mm equivalent: 0.74x) and an ultra-high resolution of 2.36 million dots, rivaling full-frame DSLR cameras. It also includes a number of functions that make the most of the EVF, including Adaptive Brightness Technology for a natural-looking image whether in bright daylight or at nighttime, and Colour Creator giving you the ability to manipulate colours the way you like.

Bright, easy to use viewfinder

Adaptive Brightness Technology automatically adjusts the backlight brightness

The backlight is automatically brightened in bright environments and darkened in dark environments. This technology reduces visual errors resulting from eye’s adaptation to brightness to provide you with natural images while you are shooting.

Bright environment

  • Conventional EVF
  • Naked Eye
  • E-M5 Mark II Viewfinder

Dark environment

  • Conventional EVF
  • Naked Eye
  • E-M5 Mark II Viewfinder

S-OVF (Simulated OVF) provides a view that is similar to that of the unaided eye.

(Feature added in firmware Ver. 2.0)
This function expands the dynamic range of the image within the electronic viewfinder. Loss of shadow detail and highlight blowouts are suppressed for easier focusing, making this convenient for shooting backlit subjects. Technology such as LV dynamic range expansion and Adaptive Brightness Technology reproduces a view that is similar to that of an optical viewfinder.

  • Can be used in P, A, S, and M modes. Exposure compensation is not shown.

Display time lag reduced to 0.010 sec.

Display time lag when the frame rate is set to a high speed is reduced to 0.010 seconds. This makes it easier to capture subjects which move actively.

Creative Control stimulates your creativity and enhances your shooting accuracy

This function enables intuitive control of the four elements necessary for photography (composition, focus, tone, colour) while looking through the viewfinder. Manipulate colour as you like with Colour Creator, adjust details in highlights and shadows with Highlight & Shadow Control, easily change aspect ratios, and fine-tune the focus.

  • Colour Creator
    You can intuitively control the Hue (30 steps) and Colour Saturation (8 steps including the base value).
  • Highlight & Shadow Control
    This function allows for the adjustment of highlights and shadows in an easy manner which was impossible with conventional exposure compensation.
  • Multi Aspect Control
    This function allows you to select from 5 types of aspect ratios including 4:3 to frame your shot just the way you like.
  • Magnified Display Control
    This function allows you to perform very precise focusing which is not possible with an optical viewfinder.
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