Touch Selfie

To make taking selfies easier and more fun, this model is equipped with a large, high-resolution flip-down touchscreen, a Selfie Mode, and VCM image stabiliser which compensates for camera shake which often occurs when holding the camera with a single hand.

Dedicated mode for Touch Selfies

By flipping the LCD all the way down, Selfie Mode is activated. When in iAUTO this turns e-Portrait mode on, making skin look bright and smooth, and the custom self timer icon appears to let you select interval selfies.

1. LCD monitor automatically turns into a mirror display
2. When an electronic zoom lens is attached, the zoom automatically moves to the wide-angle end
3. Selfie mode GUI: e-Portrait button can be turned on/off in iAUTO
4. Selfie mode GUI: Shutter release icon -- shoots 1 second after the button is touched
5. Selfie mode GUI: Custom self timer icon -- default setting is for 3 shots @ 1 shot/sec.

Flip-down touchscreen perfect for selfies

Equipped with a large, high-resolution touch panel for intuitive focusing that flips down 180 degrees, the E-PL7 allows for easy touch shutter operation with no risk of your arm obstructing the lens. Since the monitor flips downward, a flash can be attached and used, creating beautiful selfies in any situation.

Image Stabilisation System

X: Pitch, Y: Yaw, Z: Roll

The E-PL7 is equipped with 3-axis VCM image stabilisation for stable shooting with any lens. This stabiliser powerfully compensates even for rolling blur that tends to occur when shooting selfies single-handedly.

Capture beautiful selfies against nightscapes

With the E-PL7's powerful image stabilisation and high-performance sensor with excellent sensitivity, you can even take beautiful night-time selfies, not possible with a smartphone.

Beautiful selfies even in backlit scenes

The E-PL7 produces evenly exposed selfies every time. In selfie mode the included flash is optimised to produce evenly exposed backgrounds and faces in the foreground, even in backlit situations.

  • Flash off
  • Flash on

Interval Selfie

With the interval selfie shooting function taking great selfies has never been so fun or easy. When in Selfie Interval mode the camera auto-focuses for each frame ensuring in focus shots every time even when the composition changes. To aid capturing the perfect selfie a countdown display will indicate the number of seconds remaining on the self timer and, you can set the number of seconds between each shot and the total captured.

1. Start shooting
2. After 1 second, refocuses for the second shot
3. After 2 seconds, refocuses for the third shot


The e-portrait mode creates more beautiful skin textures at a single touch or automatically when in selfie mode.

  • Normal shooting
  • e-Portrait

The fisheye body cap lens allows you to capture a wide angle view for selfies

When a fisheye body cap lens (sold separately) is attached you can enjoy selfies with expansive backgrounds at 9mm (35mm equivalent: 18mm).

  • Equivalent to 30mm (35mm film camera)
    Normal smartphone
  • Equivalent to 18mm (35mm film camera)
    When fisheye body cap lens is used.

Remote control selfies via a smartphone

With the camera's built-in Wi-Fi function you can use your smartphone as a remote control. With this feature you can set the camera down, view your selfie in real time and adjust settings to achieve beautiful selfies every time.

See details on smart device connectivity

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