Maximum image magnification of 2.5x

Maximum image magnification comparison
  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.

This lens boasts a maximum 2.5x[*] image magnification, the highest level for a macro lens with a standard focusing range. With performance like this, you can photograph a world invisible to the unaided eye.

  • 35mm equivalent

Superb optical performance that provides beautiful images

With an uncompromising optical construction that includes DSA and EDA lenses, superb resolution is achieved.

  • Lens construction diagram
  • MTF chart

Beautiful circular bokeh

Superb optical performance results in virtually distortion-free, beautiful circular shaped bokeh.

  • Competitor macro lens
    F3.5, 0.3 sec., ISO200
  • M.Zuiko Digital ED 30mm F3.5 Macro
    F3.5, 0.4 sec., ISO200

Fast AF ensures that you don't miss a photo opportunity

Fast AF for capturing split-second movement

A lighter design for the focusing lens group makes this item 20 to 30% faster. You’ll never miss the perfect moment.

  • According to Olympus testing conditions

Compatible with Focus Bracketing, perfect for macro shooting

OM-D E-M1+M.Zuiko Digital ED 30mm F3.5 Macro

Focus Bracketing, which slightly shifts the focus location in multiple shots, can be used for macro shooting. Using this function and photo editing software to composite the recorded images, you can create shots that look good enough to be in an illustrated encyclopedia.

  • Cameras equipped with Focus Bracketing mode: E-M1 firmware V4.0 and later, E-M5 Mark II firmware V2.0 and later, E-M10 Mark II, and PEN-F (as of May 2016)

5-axis Image Stabilisation provides powerful support for handheld macro photography

By using this lens with a camera equipped with 5-axis IS (image stabilisation), image blur that often occurs in macro photography due to camera shift is minimized due to the powerful camera shift compensation provided by the 5-axis IS system. This lets you shoot macro photos handheld, with confidence.

  • Cameras equipped with 5-axis IS: E-M1, E-M5 Mark II, E-M5, E-M10 Mark II, PEN-F, and E-P5 (as of May 2016)

Compatible with Olympus’ underwater shooting system

This lens is compatible with the separately available underwater shooting system for authentic underwater macro shooting.

  • The maximum image magnification when using an underwater protector is approx. 0.7x (35mm equivalent: approx. 1.4x).
  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Screen captures in the monitor are composite images.


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