Please note that information and links on this page may be incorrect or outdated due to this model no longer being in production.

Mount Adapter for Olympus OM system lenses

This mount adapter allows attachment of Olympus OM system lenses to a Micro Four Thirds System mount. Only manual focusing is possible with this adapter.

Basic Information

Product Name OM Adapter MF-2
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Autofocusing is not possible.
  • 'Stop-down' exposure metering only.
  • Allows auto exposure in A (Aperture priority AE) mode but no f-stop value is shown.
  • The f-stop value is not displayed in M (Manual) exposure mode either.
  • Auto exposure adjustment does not work with P (Program AE) and S (Shutter-priority AE) modes but the shutter can be released.
  • The distance markers on OM system lenses may differ from the actual distance.


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