Offering two management methods to meet the needs of all users

Library Management makes photo managing easy even for beginners

For those who are unfamiliar with computers and those who have a large volume of image files, we have provided 'Library Management'. When photos are imported from a camera, an album is automatically created for each shooting date. Since photos and videos are displayed in an index by each year they were shot, it is easy to locate older photographs. Also, an automatic search for people (faces) is performed to classify photos. If you add the name of a family member or friend, you will be able to view a photo collection specifically relating to them.

  • Due to shooting conditions and other factors, faces may not always be detected accurately.

Folder Management carries on the photo management style available in Olympus Viewer 2

For those who have been using Olympus Viewer 2 and those who use folders to organise their photos, we provide a convenient 'Folder Management' mode. This mode eliminates the need to organise images into categories yourself because it automatically creates a sub folder, ordered by the date you import images from your camera. Additionally, you can create shortcuts for those folders you use often, and add favourite marks to images to display just your favourite images from multiple folders.


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